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Supervisor Training

After developing a drug-free workplace policy, an organization should train those individuals closest to its workforce—supervisors. Training should ensure that supervisors understand:

  • The drug-free workplace policy
  • Ways to recognize and deal with employees who have performance problems that may be related to alcohol and other drugs
  • How to refer employees to available assistance

In relation to a drug-free workplace program, supervisors’ responsibilities should include monitoring employees’ performance, staying alert to and documenting performance problems, and enforcing the policy. Supervisors should not, however be expected to diagnose alcohol- and drug-related problems or provide counseling to employees who may have them.

Note: If supervisors are responsible for making referrals for drug testing based on reasonable suspicion, they also must be trained on how to make that determination.

The following resources may help employers in training supervisors about their role in their organization’s drug-free workplace program: