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Research What Others Have Done and Resources Available

When planning your drug-free workplace program, you may want to consult one or more of the following:

  • Local employers in similar industries may be exploring the same issues. Contact them to find out what they have done and if they are willing to share information.


  • Local drug-free workplace coalitions may be found through your local chamber of commerce and/or state department of alcohol and drugs. These organizations may provide educational materials and other important resources.


  • Trade and professional associations also may have addressed the issue of drug-free workplaces and may know about special considerations for your particular industry.


  • Liability and insurance carriers are very interested in decreasing the impact of alcohol and other drugs and thus may have prevention programs or incentives in place.


  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) vendors and local drug- and alcohol-treatment providers deal with the issue of alcohol and drug use every day. To locate them, consult a local telephone directory.

A number of national and state substance abuse prevention organizations may also provide assistance in learning about workplace substance abuse issues and developing drug-free workplace programs.

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