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Helping America's Businesses
Benefit from Being Drug Free

American industrypays a high price for alcohol and drug abuse. Some costs—increased absences, accidents and errors—are obvious. Others, such as low employee morale and high illness rates, are less so, but the effects are equally harmful.

Employers and employees have a stake in protecting the workplace from alcohol and drug abuse by providing education about its dangers and encouraging individuals with alcohol and drug problems to seek help. To help workers and their places of business benefit from being drug free and to further its mission to help America’s industrymaintain safe and healthy workplaces, the U.S. Department of Labor created Working Partners for an Alcohol- and Drug-Free Workplace.

Working Partners raises awareness about the impact drugs and alcohol have on the workplace and provides resources for getting help on how to establish drug-free workplace programs that protect worker safety and health.

Tools and Resources

Drug-free Workplace Advisor

Web-based tool that can be used tobuild tailored drug-free workplace policies and programs and informs companies and workers about coverage and requirements of the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988.

Substance Abuse Information Database (SAID)

Online repository of hundreds of documents related to workplace alcohol and drug abuse, including sample policies, surveys, research reports, training and educational materials, and legal and regulatory information.

Resource Directories

Regularly updated lists of national, state and local resources, including:

  • Summaries of state laws related to workplace drug and alcohol abuse
  • Community-based organizations that assist in making workplaces drug free
  • Helplines that offer assistance to individuals who have, or know someone who has, an alcohol or drug problem

Training and Educational Materials

Resources to provide drug and alcohol education in the workplace such as:

  • Brochures, presentation materials, articles and fact sheets and posters
  • Substance abuse basics that describe how alcohol and drug abuse interferes with successfully securing and maintaining employment
  • Statistics about how substance abuse impacts the workplace in general and across a range of industries

The Working Partners program was developed by the U.S. Department of Labor to help businesses establish and maintain drug-free workplaces.

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