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Carpenter Technology Corporation

Drug-Free Workplace Promising Practice

"Substance abuse and mental health problem should be dealt with openly and non-judgmentally. As such, we promote the availability of services through our Employee Assistance Program and endorse the use of services in the community."

-Gregory P. DeLapp
Senior Employee Relations and Employee Assistance
Carpenter Technology Corporation

Carpenter Technology Corporation specializes in the production of and sale of stainless steel, high-temperature alloys, structural ceramics, powdered metals and other engineered materials. The 114-year-old company is headquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania and also has production facilities in New Jersey, South Carolina, Ohio, California, Mexico and the U.K. It employs more than 4,000 individuals, and more than 2,000 of these are at the Reading facility.

Carpenter’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides a wide range of responses to help employees with personal problems, including drug and alcohol abuse, while at the same time emphasizing the importance of worker performance and productivity. The company’s clear and concise policies and practices regarding alcohol and drug use reflect the reality of alcohol and drug problems—that their existence in the workplace cannot be ignored.

Key elements of Carpenter’s Alcohol and Drug Policy are that the use, possession, distribution and sale of alcohol and other drugs at work are strictly prohibited, and that all employees are subject to alcohol and drug testing as a result of involvement in a workplace accident or serious safety-related incident; being identified as unfit for work by a supervisor or other employer representative; a company-required physical examination; or a drug/alcohol-related condition of continued employment.

In the event that substance abuse issues are identified, employees must adhere to stipulations outlined in a Condition of Employment agreement, which holds them accountable for their actions while at the same time supporting them on the road to recovery.

As part of Carpenter’s program, supervisors and managers receive on-going training about the safety impact of substance abuse on the workplace; signs and symptoms of substance abuse; the range of intervention approaches and availability of services; and the requirements of holding all parties accountable for their actions and commitments.

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Gregory P. DeLapp, CEAP
Senior Employee Relations and Employee Assistance
Carpenter Technology Corporation
P.O. Box 14662
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