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State Laws

SAPAA and CNA Insurance have partnered to help you access the state drug testing law information you need when you need it. The On-Line Ultimate Guide to State Drug Testing Laws at is an on-line database with comprehensive and up-to-date state-by-state guides to drug testing laws. An annual subscription offers easy-to-use, on-line and password-protected access to 50+ individual state law charts, single-issue charts, recently asked questions, pending drug testing legislation, and more.


The On-Line Ultimate Guide to State Drug Testing Laws at is a service of Bill Current and WFC & Associates, LLC. Bill is a 20+ year veteran of the drug testing industry and he co-wrote the first guide to state drug testing laws in 1990. Since that time he has followed the issue closely and maintained a vast database of state laws. The Ultimate Guide to State Drug Testing Laws at is an on-line resource that provides a comprehensive chart with more than 40-line items of valuable information and extensive notes and statutory language for every individual state.

See for yourself! Check out what an actual chart looks like using this link: IOWA February 2012 Red

Each state law chart is identical in format and contains more than 40 individual line items of information. Additionally, each chart provides statutory citations for every law referenced. A special "Notes" section will often provide links to statutes as well as quoted statutory language.

Charts are updated regularly throughout the year and updates are free with your paid subscription.

There are no hidden costs or added fees. A one-year subscription provides everything you need to stay current on state drug testing laws.

There are literally hundreds of state drug testing laws or other statutes that affect who can be drug tested, when and how, including:

  • Mandatory Drug Testing LawsVoluntary Laws Offering Limited Legal Liability Protection
  • Voluntary Laws Offering Workers' Comp Premium Discounts
  • Workers' Comp Reduction/Denial Laws Related to Substance Abuse
  • Unemployment Comp Denial Laws Related to Substance Abuse
  • Drug-Free Workplace Acts
  • Privacy Laws Related to Drug Testing
  • Mandatory Contractor Drug Testing Laws
  • Mandatory Industry-Specific Drug Testing Laws
  • Medical Marijuana Laws
  • Anti-Drug Test Cheating Laws
  • Drug Test Results Reporting Laws (to State DOT)

Additionally, there are thousands of case law decisions, some of which have a direct impact on workplace drug testing.

It's not possible for a DER (Designated Employer Representative), HR manager, medical services manager, safety director or even in-house attorney to stay up to date on this constantly changing area of the law. Whether you work for a company that conducts drug testing or a provider of drug testing services you need help staying current on state drug testing laws.

The On-Line Ultimate Guide to State Drug Testing Laws makes it possible for you to find all the state drug testing law information you need when you need it. The On-Line Ultimate Guide to State Drug Testing Laws is really 5 great services in one in annual subscription. Subscribers receive a unique username and password that grants them access to the subscriber-protected section of There subscribers will find:

  1. Individual State Law Charts
  2. Single-Issue State Law Charts
  3. Single-Issue State Law Charts
  4. Recently Asked Questions
  5. State Drug Testing Laws Monthly... an eNewsletter devoted to state drug testing law issues

Additionally, subscribers are notified by email when a state law changes or a new law is enacted!

A Standard Subscription normally costs $595 per year—SAPAA members and CNA customers receive exclusive discount pricing. The Standard Subscription includes all the great on-line services, including up-to-date individual state law charts, single-issue charts, pending legislation updates, recently asked questions and the monthly eNewsletter "State Drug Testing Laws Monthly."


(A Premium Subscription is available for large, multi-state companies that anticipate having lots of questions on a regular basis. The Premium Subscription includes 4 hours of consulting time so subscribers can call with their state law-specific questions.)

Once you subscribe you’ll receive a personal password. With your unique username and password you will use the "Subscriber Login” in the tool bar at the top of the home page at to access all the great features of The On-Line Ultimate Guide to State Drug Testing Laws.

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